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Thailand Private Investigations

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group recently successfully helped the client to investigate an email compromised and transaction fraud case. The client's email was compromised in Hong Kong, the criminals hacked his email account and instructed the accountant to transfer money to Thailand. It looked like a perfect crime!

However, the bank transactions left a Thailand address in the note. Pontus Ventures Advisory Group successfully investigated and obtained the ownership of that address, and the owner of the address is also the beneficiary of Thailand Bank Account. Then, our investigators worked with Royal Thai Police successfully located the criminal and arrested him. Then, the money was frozen in Thai bank and transferred back to our client .

Cyber Security Hong Kong

Private Investigations Hong Kong

Our private Investigations team based in Hong Kong used our sources in Thailand did a perfect investigation project in Thailand.

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group has investigative resources in every Asia jurisdiction including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. and our associates of networks are in over 100 jurisdictions worldwide

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