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Cyber Security and Digital Crime Investigations

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group's cyber and forensic professionals provide multi-jurisdictional cyber security investigations, cyber crime investigations, crypto exchange investigations and digital investigations consultancy, funds recovery from online fraud and financial scams based in Hong Kong and across all Asian countries. 

cyber crime investigators

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group's cyber crime and digital investigations include the followings​:

  • IP Address Locating Investigations 

  • Email Compromise Investigations 

  • Cryptocurrency scam investigations, crypto exchange investigations and funds recovery

  • Forex trading scam investigations and funds recovery (MT4 scams, MT5 scams MetaTrader scams)

  • Social Media Posting IP Address  Locating Investigations  (Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  • Smart Phone Application Message IP Locating Investigations (Including WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, etc)

  • Date Leakage Prevention and Investigations 

  • Ransomware Attack

  • Social Media Deception

  • E-Banking Fraud

  • Email Scam

  • Online Social Networking Traps

  • Online Blackmail

  • Bug Detection

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group's professionals help our client to deal with threat in their IT systems and make sure their IT system are robust against varieties of external security threats. We offer our clients international standard penetration testing to locate and access their vulnerabilities in IT system, the cyber security investigations test will show how their IT system cope against hostile attacks. The External Penetration Test assessment investigations will find and exploit known and unknown IT system vulnerabilities from actual hostile attacks.

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