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Locate an Indonesian fraudster in Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

A client of Pontus Ventures Advisory Group made an investment agreement with a Hong Kong company for entering Indonesia electricity power market. The director and shareholder of this Hong Kong company are Hong Kong resident, but Indonesian national. After a year that the client transferred money to this Hong Kong company, there is no lead of entering Indonesian market. Moreover, this client cannot reach this Hong Kong company, his 'good friend' of this Hong Kong company disappeared.

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group started to investigate this Hong Kong company and disappeared director and shareholder. The investigation shows this Indonesian suspect had more than 20 companies in Hong Kong, and 8 companies in Singapore. Furthermore, this suspect had dozens of litigation records of being sued for money.

The investigations fact tells us that this suspect is an experienced fraudster.

After we gathered all his information, we conducted video surveillance on him and caught him. We still love the embarrassing look on him when our client showed up in front of him!

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