Digital Crime and Online Fraud Investigations

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group provided digital crime and online fraud investigations service based in Hong Kong covering Asia, we have helped our clients in digital crime and online fraud investigations in Hong Kong and Asia in many different perspectives.

Digital Crime Investigations in Hong Kong

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group's Digital and Online Fraud Investigations Service include

  • Recovering deleted files, documents, photograph, emails, text message and callogs  from electronic devices

  • Accessing forensic information in computers, cellphones, and other electronic devices

  • Recreating activities from electronic devices, such as specific webpages visited, documents copied, downloaded and printed

  • Collecting and analyzing complex and large quantities of data

  • Tracing email sent IP location, website creation and blog postings

  • Preserving data for potential litigation and future investigations

  • Decrypting password-protected files, computers, cellphones and other electronic devices

Online Fraud Investigations

Pontus Ventures is a Cyber Crime Investigation Agency provides Internet and online business fraud investigations,b​ank ​s​cam ​i​nvestigations in Hong Kong and give operational and forensic support to firms and individuals that have fallen victim to b​usiness ​e​mail ​c​ompromise fraud, email fraud​ and i​nvoice fraud.

Our cyber crime investigators will help you in finding digital evidence of the Internet fraud, and assist in gathering online fraud evidence in digital data, computer and server logs. Our cyber crime investigators will further help you to prevent you from online identity theft, financial fraud, stalking, bullying, hacking, e-mail fraud, email spoofing, invoice fraud, email scams, banking scam, ​etc.​


Pontus Ventures ​also ​provides investigation assistance to firms and individuals by acting on their behalf and seizure and recovery of stolen funds.

Online Fraud Investigations Hong Kong
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