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Cyber Crime Investigations and Funds Recovery

Online Fraud Investigations

Pontus Ventures’ Cyber Crime and funds recovery investigation professionals investigate, analyse and recover forensic data from the Internet and Server. Pontus Ventures utilises industry high standard to detect keywords and find evidence on servers globally. We will obtain data from cyber channels and link to physical evidence as additional proof and recover funds from online fraud and financial scams.

We will look all digital evidence in the process of cyber crime investigation and recover funds from cyber frauds, which includes MT4 scams, MT5 scams, MetaTrader scams, data sources, leaks, fraud, cyber espionage, financial tampering, computer crime, employee misconduct, and other illegal or wrongdoing actions.

Hacking Investigation and Funds Recovery

cyber crime investigators

We investigate unauthorised cyber access or hacking incidents such as when someone gains access to your phone, computer, emails, cloud, server or other physical device without your permission. If your emails or phones have been compromised by the hackers,  they maybe able to hack into your banking and social media accounts by changing the passwords to prevent you from further access, then stole your money and recover funds from online fraud and cyber scams.

Email Fraud Investigations

cyber crime investigations Hong Kong

Pontus Ventures’ cyber fraud investigators are certified fraud and forensic examiners and can assist with all cases related to email fraud, email phishing attacks, email scams and online fraud. Pontus Ventures can deploy our cyber forensic investigators to investigate hacking, determine how it took place and report the findings to prevent further damage and recover funds from online financial scams.

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