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Pontus Ventures 的資產調查及婚姻外遇調查團隊,是由我們在中國大陸和香港的專業調查人員提供,包括公司和私人資產調查服務, 香港和大陸資產調查,婚姻出軌調查,伴侶行蹤調查,外遇調查,偷情捉姦調查,財務狀況調查,我們的調查服務涵蓋商業、公司、財務、婚姻、個人和家庭問題。​​我們的調查專員來自前政府執法部門,具有多年的調查和情報蒐集經驗,利用我們豐富的經驗來解決客戶的問題。


  • 房地產及動產資產調查

  • 抵押貸款情況資產調查

  • 公司及個人信用情況資產調查

  • 稅務情況資產調查

  • 信用狀況資產調查

  • 破產情況資產調查

  • 汽車,船登記情況資產調查

  • 銀行帳戶情況資產調查


Private Investigators Hong Kong


  • 資產調查和追踪

  • 破產驗證和調查

  • 民事和刑事紀錄調查

  • 就業驗證

  • 知識產權和專利保護和調查

  • 背景調查

  • 監控和反監控

  • 目標追踪和失踪人員定位

  • 欺詐和犯罪調查

  • 秘密調查

  • 事故調查

  • 縱火調查

  • 航空調查

  • 銀行搜索

Our Private Detectives In Hong Kong

Our private detectives come from ex-law enforcement background, with years of experience in real world investigations and intelligence. The former detectives and officers will use their investigation experience in solving the client’s problems.

Our Private Investigations Report

Our private detectives will listen,review and discuss each client’s issues,then make a proposal to do the investigations.Our private detectives will keep close with our clients to ensure their issues are fully understood, and handled confidentially, effectively and within legal parameters.

Investigations Jurisdictions We Cover

We have investigative resources in every Asia jurisdiction including Hong Kong, Mainland China,Taiwan, Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. and our associates of networks are in over 100 jurisdictions worldwide.

Case Example

Investigations of property ownership in Thailand

Pontus Ventures Advisory Group successfully helped the client  to investigate an email compromised and transaction fraud case.The client's email was compromised in Hong Kong, the criminals hacked his email account and instructed the accountant to transfer money to Thailand. It looked like a perfect crime!


However, the bank transactions left a Thailand address in the note. Pontus Ventures Advisory Group successfully investigated and obtained the ownership of that address, and the owner of the address is also the beneficiary of Thailand Bank Account. Then, our investigators worked with Royal Thai Police successfully located the criminal and arrested him. Then, the money was frozen in Thai bank and transferred back to our client after our investigations.


Our private Investigations team based in Hong Kong used our sources in Thailand did a perfect investigation project in Thailand. 

​​Investigate and locate an Indonesian fraudster in Hong Kong​

A client of Pontus Ventures Advisory Group made an investment agreement with a Hong Kong company for entering Indonesia electricity power market. The director and shareholder of this Hong Kong company are Hong Kong resident, but Indonesian national. After a year that the client transferred money to this Hong Kong company, there is no lead of entering Indonesian market. Moreover, this client cannot reach this Hong Kong company, his 'good friend' of this Hong Kong company disappeared.


Pontus Ventures Advisory Group started to investigate this Hong Kong company and disappeared director and shareholder. The investigation shows this Indonesian suspect had more than 20 companies in Hong Kong, and 8 companies in Singapore. Furthermore, this suspect had dozens of litigation records of being sued for money. The investigations fact tells us that this suspect is an experienced fraudster.


After we investigated and gathered all his information, we conducted video surveillance on him and caught him. We still love the embarrassing look on him when our client showed up in front of him!

​​​Assets Investigations in Hong Kong​

A client of Pontus Ventures Advisory Group commissioned us to do a person's assets investigations in Hong Kong. The target borrowed 10 millions US dollars from the client 3 years ago, and should pay back the loan a few months ago. But the target used all kind of excuses to delay the pay back, such as lack of cash flow recently, lost his houses in Macau due to gambling and so on.


Firstly, we conducted assets investigations on him in Hong Kong in order to find his properties,   companies, cars, boats etc, then we investigated his credit from banks, the investigation records show that there was no much assets on him.


Secondly, we investigated the assets under his wife and children's names. The investigations show he transferred properties ownership and money to his wife and children a year ago in order to run away from his loan.


The litigation records investigation also revealed there were few other people chasing him to pay back the loan. The target actually set up a trap to borrow money from his good friends, then prepared to run away.

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